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Oklahoma History free essay sample

At the point when geographers discuss area, they are utilizing two separate definitions, each with its own helpful reason. The first of these is Absolute Location. Total area alludes to a definite, pinpointed area. Supreme areas include a type of estimation, regardless of whether it’s scope and longitude, a location, the quantity of miles from an accurate point, and so on. Pinpointing Oklahoma on a guide utilizing total area includes finding scope and longitude queues on the guide. Looking on the guide underneath, we can locate the supreme area ofOklahoma on the Earth. Since we can see whereOklahoma is found completely, we will proceed onward to the following meaning of area. Relative Locationâ refers to an area that is portrayed by its relationship to different focuses. These sorts of areas are less explicit. More often than not, relative area doesn’t give enough point by point data to permit you to locate the specific situation of something. Relative Location places Oklahoma in a district comparative with what is around the state. Be that as it may, geographers have consistently made some troublesome memories giving Oklahoma a standard relative area. Here’s why: * Oklahomaâ is the most northern of the southern states as a result of its connections to the Old South’s monetary and culture conventions. * Oklahomaâ is the most southern of the northern states due to its air and space industry ties just as its fused innovation. * Oklahomaâ is the most eastern of the western states on account of its Wild West history. * Oklahomaâ clearly can be marked as a southwestern state due to itsâ climatologicalâ nature. * Oklahomaâ is a southeastern state due to its Native American legacy. Clearly, Oklahoma is an outskirt express, a support zone, and a zone of progress. So where do geographers put Oklahoma when it comes to relative area? Brilliant inquiry. The appropriate response is geographers put Oklahoma wherever it best fits for their specific subject they happen to investigate at that point. Oklahoma’s Dimensions Oklahomaâ is flanked by six different states. Beginning in the north and going clockwise - Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. Oklahomaâ has a zone of around 70,000 square miles, which makes it the 18thâ largest state in the United States. Snap on the beginning catch to watch it. Oklahoma Rivers Continued The Arkansas River Navigation Project, headed by Oklahoma legislators McCellan and Kerr, built up a route for sea faring vessels, up to the size of freight boats, to have the option to come inland as far as Tulsa (really the port city of Catoosa). This implies on the off chance that you have the opportunity, the tendency, and the correct kayak, an individual could push their direction right to the Gulf of Mexico from Oklahoma! The â€Å"Red River War† is a reference to any contention or rivalry that Oklahoma has with its southern fringe state Texas. This can be utilized to signify a straightforward football match-up or it tends to be utilized to depict a period when Oklahoma’s Governor Murray got out the National Guard to police the Red River Bridges. A significant clash in Oklahoma history showed up when geographers from Texasdisagreed with geographers fromOklahoma as to where the Red Rivermeandered†¦Ã‚ Oklahomas geographers won. Oklahoma’s Lakes| Oklahomaâ has 34 pools of fluctuating size around the state. The one thing they share for all intents and purpose is that they are all man-made. Man-made?!? Truly, the lakes in Oklahomaneeded a little assistance in shaping, so men got together, dammed up waterways at fitting spots, and made lakes. There is currently more lakeshore in Oklahoma than some other inland state in the Union. | The biggest lake is Lake Eufala, which is 102,500 sections of land in region. Lake Texoma is next biggest at 92,000 sections of land and really shapes some portion of the fringe between Texas and Oklahoma †subsequently the name â€Å"Texhoma. †| Oklahoma’s Climate | Generally, climate frameworks in Oklahoma roll in from the west off the slants of the Rocky Mountains. Eastern Oklahoma has a higher relative dampness than western in light of the fact that the climate frameworks that dry out over the Rocky Mountains blend in with the sticky air from the Gulf of Mexico over Oklahoma. The aftereffect of higher moistness implies lower wind chills and higher warmth records. The mix of cooler air from the mountains and hotter air from the Gulf makes the express a fascinating spot to be during storm season which last from late May through August. | Tornadoes are typical in Oklahoma which midpoints a greater amount of these fierce tempests per square mile than some other spot on Earth. One of Oklahoma’s epithets is fittingly ‘Tornado Alley. Temperature * The normal temperature in the state is 60â ° Fahrenheit. * The most sweltering recorded temperature in the state is 120â ° F. t Hollis in 1936. The coldest recorded temperature in the state is - 27  ° F. at Boise City in 1905. Precipitation * The beg midpoints 18 creeps of downpour for every year. As a note, to be delegated a desert zone, a spot must get close to 10 inches for each year. The most minimal recorded precipitation is 8 1/2 crawls at Boise City. * Southeastern Oklahoma midpoints 56 creeps of precipitation for each year. The best measure of precipitation in one year is 84 creeps at Kiamich Tower in 1957. Different Images of Oklahoma | Oklahoma’s tremendous changes in the climate have prompted some noteworthy disclosures in climate forecast. The absolute best meteorologists in the nation have come to gain proficiency with their exchange through Oklahoma’s wild climate designs. | * Christian Doppler made the Doppler Radar. Gary England, a standard meteorologist in Oklahoma, alongside help from the National Weather Service situated in Norman, Oklahoma,â utilize the Doppler Radar every now and again. This amazing radar can identify the course of tempests by figuring how quick radar waves are bobbed back to the source. * In the image on the left, you can tell that Oklahoma is getting clobbered by a huge downpour storm. The following picture is from one of the satellites circling the Earth. The National Weather Service utilizes these kinds of pictures to make sense of climate changes coming in the following couple of days. * In which picture would it be simpler to detect a little tornado? * In which picture would it be simpler to see a typhoon coming into the Gulf Coast? * Oklahoma’s Elevation * Oklahoma’s most noteworthy point is at Black Mesa in the far northwest corner of the beg (the nearest part of Oklahoma to the Rocky Mountains). Its rise is 4,973 feet above ocean level. Travelers can stop at the base of the plateau and make a 2 hour move to the top where they can sign their names at the monolith presented beneath. * Pictures republished with consent from Brian Jones | Black Mesa likewise has its own dinosaur burrowing site! | * Oklahoma’s absolute bottom is just 325 feet above ocean level. It is situated in the southeastern corner of the state as the Red Riverâ exits the state streaming towards the Mississippi River. | Which proclamation bodes well? A. Oklahomaâ is in one of the most dynamic deficiency zones in North America. B. Seismic tremors in North Americaâ only happen to individuals in California. Obviously, California is by all account not the only express that can brag about their genuine deficiencies †¦ discussing the San Andreas, et al, obviously. Oklahomaâ has likewise observed a lot of tremors throughout the years. The principal quake recorded in Oklahoma was in 1897. Oklahomaâ averages six quakes per year. Like any quake zone, a large portion of these tremors can not be felt with the exception of by an exact seismograph, a machine whose activity it is to distinguish and record moving in the earth’s outside layer. Now and again, however, Oklahoma has been the survivor of fierce tremors. In 1952, a tremor that had its focal point in Jefferson Cityregistered a greatness of 7. 0 on the Richter Scale. The Richter Scale measures how incredible seismic tremors are. The Cross Timbers The Cross Timbers is an area of thick foliage that advances from close to the upper east corner of the state down through the inside and past the Red River. See the image beneath. This thick layer of trees and bushes had a major impact in Oklahoma’s history, keeping Native American clans on one side or the other, explicitly the serene Five Civilized Tribes and the striking southern fields clans.

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The Cosmology Theory and Sikhism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

The Cosmology Theory and Sikhism - Essay Example This examination will start with the explanation that cosmology is the investigation of the universe, also called the universe to assess its inception, advancement and its destiny even with various ecological, political, strict and social powers. Cosmology hypothesis has for quite a long time fronted a contention that the presence of the universe is sufficient proof that a preeminent being who made it exists. Notwithstanding, nonbeliever keep on posing inquiries on the jobs of an otherworldly force in the presence of the universe and the job that god play in the whole issue of universe presence. The cosmological hypothesis gives one of the main sensible clarifications for the presence of the universe and the nearness of God who controls everything that occurs inside. In any case alluded to as the primary reason contention about the root of the universe and a preeminent being, the cosmological hypothesis has been received by different strict associations over the globe. The cosmologic al hypothesis has additionally grasped a skeptic purpose of perspectives by giving contentions that clarify how the universe started, the imaginative procedure and the individual who was responsible for the creation. The cosmological contention was created from different philosophical contentions including the positions taken by Plato, Aristotle, and the Neoplatonic conventions. Basic Muslim scholars like Al-Ghazali, Jewish rationalists like Maimonides and Christian educational masterminds like Aquinas and Scotus added to the advancement of the cosmological contentions. Â

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FIO Full Assignment Essays

FIO Full Assignment Essays FIO Full Assignment Essay FIO Full Assignment Essay It entered the retail business in 1975 with leader brand Padding . In 1991, Home Stores Sad Bad was propelled to hold all the organizations engaged with the Groups retail, discount and assembling organizations. It was in this way renamed to the current Padding Holdings a year later. In 1995, Padding Holdings Sad Bad was changed over to an open organization constrained by rabbits and embraced the name, Padding Holdings Bertha and before long recorded on the Second Board of the then Koala Lump Stock Exchange. Today, Padding Group is an innovator in the multimillion material and article of clothing industry in Malaysia. We have nine marks in our group of brands and retail in 330 detached stores, diversified outlets and transfer counters in Malaysia and around the globe. Our names gladly convey the Made in Malaysia stamp abroad in Bahrain, Brunet, Cambodia, Egypt, Indonesia, Kuwait, Morocco, Manner, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Thailand and United Arab Emirates. Cushioning address design cognizant shoppers of the two sexual orientations and all ages through their ten unmistakable brands: Padding, Seed, Padding Authentic, PDP, P, Vinci, Vinci Accessories, Tizzy, Mike Kids and Brands Outlet. Every one of these names speaks to a specific style theory and includes an exhaustive scope of items that fit into their focused on shoppers universe. Cushioning will keep up and increment its authority position in Malaysias design industry through different techniques. New brands and expanded item assorted variety are key extension approaches. : The organization will keep on overhauling the picture of its diminishes while stressing worth and quality. Vinci is the companys effective foothold in the rewarding yet serious womens footwear showcase. There are plans to fortify its predominant situation with improved creation lines and expanded limit. So as to have effectively scratched its image names into the cognizance of Malaysian buyers, Padding is moving to transform its different names into provincially perceived design pioneers. B) SOOT Analysis of Padding Holdings Bertha.

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The Wild Witty Rants Of That Harvard Bitch

The Wild Witty Rants Of That Harvard Bitch by: zgreenberg on June 25, 2014 | 2 Comments Comments 9,296 Views June 25, 2014How To Get Into Harvard UniversityThat Harvard bitch is not an easy person to track down. The Harvard public affairs office had never heard of her. Facebook and Twitter revealed nothing. A staff writer at the storied humor magazine The Harvard Lampoon told me, â€Å"Unfortunately, we do not know this Harvard bitch†¦Campus is so full of bitches that it is impossible to identify them all.†When I finally found Hanna Rohne, the creator and star of the popular YouTube channel â€Å"ThatHarvardBitch,† I realized she was anything but bitch-like. A warm and witty Harvard sophomore, Rohne never intended to be a YouTube star. She majors in social studies (â€Å"I know it sounds like a sixth grade subject† but is actually an interdisciplinary combination of government, economics, and sociology), directs videos for the Harvard satirical news si te SatireV, and â€Å"volunteers†¦sometimes.†In her videos, Rohne sits in her dorm room and talks to her computer about various topics on her mind, from the annoying habits of lecturers to the bewildering tendencies of people at college parties. Rohne’s channel has 3,700 subscribers and her most popular video, â€Å"How to Get Into Harvard,† has over 100,000 views. In it, Rohne advises perspective students on how to get into the school of their dreams:75% OF THE VIDEOS ARE IMPROVISED FROM HER DORM ROOM AT HARVARD UNIVERSITY  Ã¢â‚¬Å"Try to make things sound as grandiose as possible,† she says. â€Å"For example, I started the Fathers and Daughters Club of the United States of America. It was just me and my dad. Actually, the first year it was just me. Dad didn’t really want to join. It was a bad year for the Fathers and Daughters Club.†The videos, which she says are 75% improvised, tend to include dozens of cuts within minutes, and ofte n feature an endearingly mystified Rohne providing misdirected guidance to an invisible audience.Though Rohne did improv in middle and high school, the first video she made was something of an accident. In the second semester of her freshmen year, she had to do a presentation for her psychology class. Her friends suggested that she film herself beforehand as a way to practice. She took their advice, but she was sick, and things didn’t turn out quite like she planned.HANNA, THIS IS ONE OF THE WEIRDEST THINGS IVE EVER SEENâ€Å"I was on a lot of cough medicine, so I took a lot of creative liberty,† she says. After she made the video, she giggled to herself in her room and then went out to show her roommates.Jenny Beizer, her roommate since freshmen year, recalls the first video fondly.â€Å"I just said Hanna, this is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen,† Beizer says.She suggested that Rohne edit the video and put it on YouTube. Beizer posted a link fo r the video (entitled   â€Å"Recognizing Personality Disorders: Mitt Romney†) on the dorm Facebook page, and ThatHarvardBitch was born.WHY IM SINGLEA FAVORITE: MAKE A HOPELESSLY IMPOSSIBLE WISH FOUNDATIONNow in their second year of roommate-hood, Rohne shows Beizer and another roommate the rough draft of each video she makes for suggestions and edits. Beizer’s favorite video is one of the more obscure ones, called â€Å"Make a (Hopelessly Impossible) Wish Foundation.†Since Rohne is quite lovely, it’s a bit surprising that she calls herself â€Å"ThatHarvardBitch.† She says she chose the name of her channel as a joke, because â€Å"you can get labeled as a bitch for really anything†¦Might as well pre-empt people and throw the label on myself.†Her fans, though, are enamored. â€Å"You’re beautiful and hilarious,† one commenter writes, and another, with evident excitement: â€Å"PLEASE POST MORE I BEG YOU YOU ARE SO FUNNY !!!† Rohne says even her parents, Swedish immigrants who are sometimes the butt of her jokes, like the videos. This summer she’ll be returning to San Francisco, her hometown, where she hopes to make more videos. She’ll also visit Sweden.That Harvard bitch has a lot of advice for incoming college students. In one video she tells aspiring students: â€Å"Just be true to yourself. As long as your true self is a straight-A student body president, founder of three charities, and a squash champion.†But off camera, she says her best advice comes from her dad. Before she went to Harvard, he told her, â€Å"Never take yourself too seriously.†Is A The New C? Page 1 of 11

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Adventure Based Counseling - 1564 Words

The overnight camp experience was very impressive and precious to me. I was in group three and we had arrived at the Tiu keng leng Jing Kwok Secondary School. On that day, we did not recognize each other well. According to what we had learnt before, our group should be at the forming and storming stage. We played different warm-up games and communication games so as to build up our team spirit. After playing each game, the teachers debriefed us on the purpose of the game. I also observed some of the characteristics of the game. During the debriefing section, I noticed some of the debriefing skills of the teachers and the tutors. I remembered that the tutor asked us questions like: How do you feel? How did we accomplish the task? After we had answered these questions, the tutor asked us some more questions like: Do you have any findings? How is it possible to apply what you learned in the future? Now, I understand that these questions originate from the Roger Greenway ‘4Fâ€℠¢ Model and the ‘4F’ are: fact, feeling, finding and future(The Hong Kong Education Bureau). I will consider this model quite effective during debriefing because it gradually leads the thoughts of the participants from objective part to subjective part. The answers for fact and feeling typed questions are in fact the foundation for more advance finding and future typed questions. Therefore, we should first ask fact and feeling typed questions before asking finding and future typed questions. Later on, eachShow MoreRelatedGroup Counseling in Schools: Annotated Bibliography Essay1046 Words   |  5 PagesCrepsi, tony D (2009). Group counseling in the schools: legal, ethical, and treatment issues in social practice. Psychology in Schools, 46(3), 273-279. This article closely examines different ethical, legal, and treatment issues that arise in school group counseling. The author starts by looking at some of the psychological issues that effect school aged children. He also suggest some appropriate topics to offer group counseling on such as a divorce group, a drug and alcohol abuse group, or aRead MoreEssay on Wilderness Therapy and Conventional Therapy1696 Words   |  7 Pagestherapy is used, the appropriate client populations, multicultural considerations, and the limitations of this therapy. Wilderness therapy is a form of therapy that combines the therapeutic benefits of adventure experiences and activities with traditional models of therapy (Foundations of Adventure Therapy, 2007). Wilderness therapy has a background in experiential education and is conducted in natural settings that â€Å"kinesthetically engage clients on cognitive, affective, and behavioral levels† (NortonRead MoreFor This Assignment, An Interview Was Conducted With Traci1232 Words   |  5 Pagesinterview was conducted with Traci Richards, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with Genesis Counseling Center in Chesapeake, Virginia. Relying on Christian principles as the basis of the therapy, Genesis Counseling Center offers comprehensive counseling and psychological services, including individual, marriage, family, Biblical counseling, psychological testing, group therapy, life coaching, online counseling, consulting, leadership coaching, and licensure supervision, in an outpatient settin g. TheRead MoreCharacter Analysis Of Rick Morty1057 Words   |  5 Pagesis currently being broadcasted on Cartoon Networks late night programming network called Adult Swim. The show accompanies the wild adventures of the self motivated, mad scientist Rick Sanchez. Rick Sanchez he always followed by Morty Smith. Morty is always distressed and unsure of himself. Between the two of them they like to spend their time traveling on adventures through dimensions and battling problems in their everyday regular life. Rick and Morty depict the contemporary idea of family in 2017Read MoreSpecial Populations High School Counseling1681 Words   |  7 PagesRunning Head: SPECIAL POPULATIONS Special Populations: High School Counseling Kean University CED5963 Adolescence is a period of dramatic and revolutionary change. In western cultures it is the time of life, either most reviled, depicted as posing the greatest threat to the established order of things, or most celebrated and romanticized, in particular within the sphere of popular culture, for its creative and challengingRead MoreAgency Report1617 Words   |  7 PagesDelaware. Services Provided Crossroads offers a full range of treatment services to both New Castle and Kent County adolescents and their families the following services are available at the Dover facility. Community Based Outpatient Services This program provides counseling and community support to the client and family at their home or at an agreed site. The counselor, client and family will meet several times a week, the goal of these services is to help the client engage in a positive mannerRead MoreAnalysis Of Postecondary Remedial Education1619 Words   |  7 Pageshigh schools, particularly in the counseling department. High schools have added two additional counselors, with one dedicated to developing such things as major and career day activities, planning college day, and creating an alumni database. With the increase of counseling personnel, CSUD dedicated counseling personnel to work with faculty, students, and parents to increase interest in going to college. The counseling department provides frequent one-on-one counseling with students; regardless of theirRead MoreRational Emotive Behavior Therapy1605 Words   |  7 PagesEllis. REBT was one of the first types of cognitive therapies and was first called r ational therapy. In 1959 the name was changed to Rational Emotive Therapy and did not get its current name, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, until 1992. REBT is based on believing that feeling upset is not caused by an event but rather our beliefs toward the event that upsets us. When people have irrational beliefs about external or internal effects problems occur. The objective of REBT is to help individuals modifyRead MoreMy Letter : The Investigative Personality967 Words   |  4 Pagesand counseling. Keeping up-to-date with medicine and technology is important for this job. The Campbell Interest and Skill Survey revealed a lot about myself. My three strongest orientations are helping, analyzing and adventuring. The scores of my helping orientation suggest I pursue a career in counseling or medical practice. Based on my analytical orientation, I should pursue careers involving science. My adventuring orientation suggests that I pursue careers that involve risk and adventure. TwoRead MoreErikson s Psychological Identity Development Theory930 Words   |  4 Pagesadolescent preoccupation with the self (Nassar-McMillan, Cashwell). Counseling the child can help the child cope with their issues. Whether it be in school or outside of school. â€Å"Group counseling interventions have been successfully used as preventive mechanisms for serving general populations of children and adolescents as well as intervention strategies with those at risk who are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem. Adventure-based concepts, in particular, are a viable method for promoting self-esteem

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The American Industrial Revolution During The 19th Century

The American Industrial Revolution began in the 1700’s and ended in the 1800’s. Most people believe that the American Industrial Revolution began when Samuel Slater brought technology from Britain to America. This technology allowed America to use manufacturing to quicken production. Industrial items such as the sewing machine, river boats, trains, telegraph, and mills allowed for growth in the United States. Immigrants from other countries gave the industrial growth enough workers to allow the growth to keep growing. The role of factories in early Industrial Revolution was to promote the growth of the United States. Factories led to the need for more workers. More workers led to the growth of children and women in the†¦show more content†¦With this immigration rise, it also made it necessary for housing to move Westward for room to live and for work to go across country. The biggest changes that occurred during the American Revolution were that machines replaced humans as production in the work force. This changed the work place from the fields to factories. Conditions improved financially; but for the worker it was worse. Machines made material faster so trade was improved between the United States and other countries. This trade allowed for a great deal of immigration which allowed for expansion to the Western side of the United States. The Western expansion was made possible from the rail road going through to the West Coast. While Americans lives improved with more material things, the working conditions, pay, and the work that they were doing was horrible. So while the industrial revolution allowed for advances in society, it also started the fall of the society. The industrial revolution paved the way for modern society and the way our current economic system works. If it wasn t for the industrial revolution we wouldn t have skyscrapers, time zones, the Brooklyn Bridge, electricity and many other liberties we take for granted. However there were major downsides to the industrial revolution as well. Amongst these were poor treatment of many laborers, the corruption of government, and the assassination of the president. Andrew Carnegie was a capitalist in the

Strategic Information System Incumbent to Underscore

Question: Discuss about the Strategic Information System for Incumbent to Underscore. Answer: History of Accounting System It is incumbent to underscore that Accounting software or packages came into realization after most of the firm saw the need of keeping their information and data confidential. This dates back to the begging of the 20th century where most of the company realized the significance of this Accounting software. It is in this point of view that most of the firm opted to safeguard the interest and welfare of their business to prevent it from incurring such great loss that would be caused by evil minded people who would wish to make the firm collapse (Bonnet, (2013). This piece of work will squarely delve on the literature review about the accounting software making relevant comparison making relevant comparison of what other authors from Australia have written about the primacy of Accounting Software in the day to day activities of companies or business enterprises. Literature Review: Accounting mate (AM) Accounting mate is an example of Accounting Software that was developed at around 1984. This is mostly used in most of the firms in Australia due to its affordability and simplicity in usage. According to Laudon Traver, (2013) the accounting packages has played a very significant role in enabling the firm to conduct their business professionally and maintain efficiency and confidentiality that is required in the organization. The better thing with this software is that it is readily available the fact that makes most of the organization within the parameter of Australia opt for it in terms of installation in their companies. Goldstein, (2013)finds that the efficacy of the organizational operation has improved due to the adoption of the said software. According to the aforesaid personality, it has been established that the idea of transaction has been made easier and simpler and thus this heightens the marketability and productivity of the firms operation. Intacct Groppelli Nikbakht (2012) assert that Accounting Software has greatly opened doors for businesses to be conducted in a more efficient manner or way. According to Van De (2012) Intacct is the most preferable and the leading Accounting system used by most of the organization due to its ability to perform multifaceted activities. It is incumbent to note that most of the public sectors in Australia prefer using this type of software since it generate genuine transactional statement. Moreover, it allows the government to calculate its revenue with ease since it can hold multiple data. It is common knowledge for one to understand that the government deals with calculation of taxes and revenues. Although this application is considered to be relatively costly than the former. Notably, its use and application makes it to be the most effective. Ideally, this system has enabled most of the firm and corporations to achieve tremendous progress. Red wing software (RWS) According to Dener, Watkins Dorotinsky (2011) information technology has greatly played a noble role in seeing to it that different accounting software are viable and used in different sectors to aid their functionality. Red wing software is another package that has gained much accolade due to its nobility role in companies. The RWS is an application that is most relevant to the customer since it offers customer services. In as much as it is difficult to operate, it has been seen to be the most effective since it provides all the requisite services the firm requires. Ideally, the organization may use this software to increase their sale due to its efficacy in enhancing transparency of the data. Primarily, most companies are embracing the use of RWS as it provides the requisite services to the client and due to its ability to store multiple data and encrypting of information for future reference (Hollowell, 2011). As such, the firm may still stand a better chance to operate their bus iness effectively having obliterated the issue of malpractices in the company. For one to effectively use RWS, they ought to have high training on it as it is relatively technical to use. This implies that the management has to take time to take its staff through some induction course once they have initiated this software in their system. Advantages of the aforesaid software This accounting mate software is widely used due to its simplicity to navigate and multitask with it. Its always available for download and easier to be install compared to other software. Furthermore, this is a useful accounting solution which has proven to be reliable with no error or hanging when loading data (Saini, 2011). Multi organization companies ranging from public to private sectors majorly employ this technology. Because of its ability to provide accounting information effectively (Sutherland, 2011). Clients can interact with companies as they feel comfortable when their private information is stored in a secure place. With the recent cheap software, firms have reduced the manual cost of data entry. Information are timely received in real-time. Data processes are automatically updated, faster and accurate. Less error are encountered, because only one data is use compared to manual method where multiple transactions are made on different platforms. It is available to be shared to larger audience with a click of a button. Employees feel more appreciated when they are trained to use this innovation. Disadvantages of the above software As much as this software is so beneficial it has its pitfalls. It requires experts to operate and navigate through it. This is why it will force organization to employ information technology professionals who will be able to handle it without difficulty. Accountants will need to been trained to use this software, forcing a company to introduce a paid trainer. Those new or those staff who use this application less frequently have hard time entering data (Curtis, V. (2015). They prefer writing it done on paper than staining organizing information on a logic order on the accounting software. Fraudsters are targeting sensitive private information to steal from clients, which is easier when accounting software is not strictly controlled. If information got lost and had not been properly backed up it leads to massive financial loss. Security measures needs to be introduced to curb any attempt of an intruder who have ill intentions to access and corrupt the files. Power outrage do cause dis ruption on workers performance thus reducing the output result. The cost off regularly updating a purchased software is enormous. Privacy regulation from relevant authority are very expensive. Some do not support in specific computers so it is required to buy new ones thus incurring additional unplanned cost. Recommendation Government should use this software to calculate tax and revenue collected from its citizens. Because it is efficiently faster and it automatically process information. Some of the dominant factors that led to the realization and adoption of the said software in most of the organization is due to the issue of hacking, scamming and other fraudulent issues and risks that a company was subjected to. This is where the issue of encryption came into being to see to it that firms information and important data are kept in safe custody away from any malicious act and harm to the business. Intacct is an Accounting Package that is widely used by different organization not only in Australia but globally due to its efficacy and ability to perform activities at a go. Most of the data supported by RWS cannot be easily harmed or corrupted as it has high efficiency system that safeguards confidential information from either loss or manipulation (Stickland, 2010). References Bonnet, P. (2013).Enterprise Data Governance: MDM. London: Wiley. Laudon, K. C., Traver, C. G. (2013).E-commerce: Business, technology, society. Goldstein, H. (2013).Multilevel statistical models. Hoboken, N.J., Wiley. Groppelli, A. A., Nikbakht, E. (2012).Finance. Hauppauge, N.Y: Barron's. Van, . L. M. P. J., De, J. E. (2012).Learning RStudio for R Statistical Computing. Birmingham: Packt Pub. Dener, C., Watkins, J. A., Dorotinsky, W. L. (2011).Financial management information systems: 25 years of World Bank experience on what works and what doesn't. Washington, D.C: World Bank. Hollowell, J. (2011).Moodle as a Curriculum and Information Management System. Birmingham: Packt Pub. Saini, K. (2011).Squid Proxy Server 3.1 Beginner's Guide. Birmingham: Packt Pub. Sutherland, E. (2011).Computer accounting: A systematic approach using MYOB business management software version 19. Frenchs Forest, N.S.W: Pearson Australia. Stickland, D. (2010).Chuch finance: An approach to the reporting, recording and tracking of Church Finances using accounting software. Ballarat, Vic: David Stickland. Curtis, V. (2015).MYOB Software for Dummies - Australia. Wiley.